Our team


We are a team of 19 engineering students in our first year at ESPCI Paris. We have been selected thanks to a competitive exam after two years of post-bac studies.
Our multidisciplinary school provides us with an extensive scientific background, and we are eager to apply these skills. This is why we have been recruited and trained by the former mandate. We are now able to deal with any aspect of the management of a Junior-Enterprise, so that we can help you carry out your projects efficiently. Thanks to this quality training and to the advises of the former members of PCA, Physique-Chimie Avenir has been among the 30 best Juniors in France for 4 years.

Our team is composed of :

  • The Office, composed of the President, the Vice-president, the Treasurer and the Secretary General is in charge of coordinating the work of the Junior-Enterprise and controling its proper functioning, socially, judicially and financially speaking. It is
    the decision-making team of PCA.


  • The members of the Project-managing division interact directly with both the companies and the future engineers who work on the projects. They ensure this work is properly done and regularly tell the customer about the progress of the students.


  • The members of the Quality division make sure that the study is well ran by verifying conscientiously the work made by those in charge of it.


  • The Business Development division aims to make PCA known among both the companies and the public at large. Its members regularly lead prospecting campaigns and take in charge the multimedia support of PCA.