What is a study ?

A study is the project that we will carry out together. It means the complete follow-up of your project, from the first discussion until you get the result of the work. A member of the project-managing division will accompany you during the whole duration of the study.

The documents necessary are explained below.


facture d'acompte
Proces verbal de recette

Questionnaire de satisfaction
Preliminary Draft Client Agreement Deposit Invoice Deliverable Final Acceptance Form Final Invoice Satisfaction Questionnaire

Preliminary Draft : It is the equivalent of a quotation. It is composed of the description of your company, of PCA and of the project, and of its specifications and deadlines. The study itself is cut into several phases to make things easier. It also includes the budget for each phase. A clause guaranteeing the confidentiality of any transmitted information is also present in the Preliminary Draft.

conventionclient Client Agreement : It puts into words the agreement between you and PCA concerning the study, as well as our respective commitments. It refers to the Preliminary Draft, in particular as regards the deadlines, the budget, and contains an article specifying your security.
facture d'acompte Desposit Invoice : It is the invoice which is sent to you once the Preliminary Draft and the Client Agreement have been signed.
livrable Deliverable : It is the result of our work, which means your project.
Proces verbal de recette Final Acceptance Form : This document is signed when you get the deliverable. It symbolises the fact that you accept the deliverable.
facturedesolde Final Invoice : This invoice is sent to you at the end of the study, once the Final Acceptance Form has been signed.
Questionnaire de satisfaction Satisfaction Questionnaire : It enables us to keep on improving our services, to meet your expectations as fully as possible.