Our partners

Physique-Chimie Avenir is working with appreciated partners.


The National Confederation of the Junior-Enterprises (CNJE) guarantees a quality work to our customers. At any step of the project, we keep in mind the deontological and ethical line defined by the CNJE, which does an audit of our structure every year.

To achieve our will to manage our Junior-Enterprise well, we are supported by BNP Paribas. The highly skilled asvisors of this bank help us to optimise the quality and the professionalism of our transactions.


Physique-Chimie Avenir is part of Juniors Île-de-France (JIDF). It is a regional clustering of 18 Junior-Enterprises which claims to be ambitious and dynamic.

Physique-Chimie Avenir also works in close collaboration with two other Junior-Enterprises, Chimie Perspectives and Dauphine Junior Conseil as part of Junior PSL.