What is a Junior-Enterprise ?

The Junior-Enterprises (J.E.) are not-for-profit economic and educational associations with more than 40 years of experience, subject to the French 1901 law for associations.

Established among schools and universities, they enable the students to apply their theoretical and practical skills learned at school. More precisely, these students help carry out projects in the fields taught in their school. They work for a wide range of companies, communities and start-ups…

Based on the model consulting firms, they provide the “Junior-Entrepreneurs” with new skills : how to manage a company, a team, client relations… Furthermore, the students working on projects get a concrete professionnal experience at an early stage of their career.

Simultaneously, the customers (that’s you) benefit from the students’ knowledge, dynamism and ability to innovate, all the more so as the students are supported by their renowned teachers and the researchers. Moreover, the quality of our work is guaranteed by the annual audit of the J.E. by the National Confederation of the Junior-Enterprises (CNJE).

Junior-Enterprises in France :

  • 200 Juniors-Enterprises in 72 cities across France,
  • 2600 Junior-Entrepreneurs,
  • more than 25000 students recruited to work on projects,
  • 9 millions euros of cumulated turnover in 2021.