Our commitments

Physique-Chimie Avenir commits to :



Respecting striclty your specification, while proposing you ideas to keep on optimising and innovating
Mobilising our whole team and any technological means at our disposal to reach your objectives
• Guaranteeing the adequacy of our performance by the assignation of a member of the Quality division on each project besides the Junior-Entrepreneur in charge of its follow-up
• Improving our performance by asking you to fill out a Quality Questionnaire at the end of the study



• Keeping you informed of the progress of the project, while being continuously listening to you and at your disposal
• Responding to your requests within two business days
• Taking advantage of the proximity of the ESPCI researchers to provide you with concrete answers
• Making available for you students and engineers specialised in the fields of competence that you need, and who have been trained for research (15 hours of practical work per week in average)


Added value

Improving continuously our education and skills thanks to the projects that we carry out with you, in order to meet your needs and expectations as well as possible
• Thanks to you, providing the future engineers that we recruit with a real educational added value, which is one of the main objectives of a Junior-Enterprise