What is a project ?

A project is the study that we will carry out together. It means the complete follow-up of your project, from the first discussion until you get the result of the work. A member of the project-managing division will accompany you during the whole duration of the study.

The documents necessary are explained below : 

Study of customer expectations :

We establish a detailed specification (outlined in the Study Agreement) in full compliance with your expectations. To do this, we can schedule meetings (in-person, by phone, video conferencing, etc.) and exchange emails according to your availability.

The Study Agreement

It is the document that formalizes the study. It contains a general description of the project, the detailed specification, and the deadlines for completing the study. It also describes the budget for the study by phases. An article ensuring the confidentiality of all the information provided is also included.


This is the result of our research, the completion of your project. It may potentially be preceded by intermediate deliverables at the request of the client (established during the Study Agreement).

Final Acceptance Report

This document is signed at the time of deliverable handover. It symbolizes the fact that you accept the deliverable.

Final Bill

This invoice is sent at the end of the study, after the signing of the Final Acceptance Report.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

It allows us to continuously improve our services in order to better meet your expectations.